Bishop Kendall L. Washington Sr. is a native of Lewisville, Arkansas. He is the eldest of four children. Bishop Washington received his BA in Early Childhood Education from the University of Arkansas- Fayetteville. Bishop Washington married his lovely wife, LaYona on June 5, 1981. Bishop and Pastor Washington are blessed with three children, Joey Lamar, Kendall Louis Jr., and LaKendra Annette and numerous spiritual children.
Bishop Washington retired from the United States Army in 2008 and resides in Hofheim-Wallau, Germany where he and Pastor LaYona are the founders and Pastors of Faith Temple Christian Center International. Bishop Washington also oversees Faith Temple Christian Center International-Italy and Cameroon, with missions in Ghana.
Bishop Washington has always had a love for the Lord and during his college years he ministered to youth throughout Arkansas with Fellowship for Christian Athletes. Bishop Washington has served in numerous positions in ministry to include Assistant Pastor, 1215 Collective Protestant Gospel Service, Taegu, Korea under the Spiritual Guidance of Bishop Nelson K. Williams.
Because of Bishop Washington’s love for God and His people, he allows the Lord to use him to teach men and women their roles in the family and the body of Christ. Bishop Washington gives all he has for the building up of God’s Kingdom and fulfilling his purpose. His desire is to see God’s Kingdom come here on earth and that we all may be partakers of His many blessing, not only individually, but corporately.